Training, Training and More Training

It’s been about a week since I last posted anything. I’ve been busy with school, basketball for my boys and training. The last few weeks have been five-day running weeks. For the first time I broke 100 miles in a month. I also ran a 15-miler and 10.25 miler in the last week plus. I’m feeling really good. But it’s also treadmill running.

I’m waiting for the 18 inches of snow we got the last week to melt away before I get outside. I’m not a big fan of running on the road. Don’t trust drivers. And the sidewalks are pretty much impossible to run on, so it’s indoor track and treadmill for me. This week will be tough to get all my miles in because next weekend is pretty well shot. We’re attending a black tie event out of town, so my only real chance will be to road run where we are at for two and a half hours or run the same amount of time on the treadmill on Friday before we leave.

But training is beginning to get real. There are 70 some days until my marathon and the long runs will be getting longer. That being said, I’m trying to figure out my fuel options. I’ve done GU Gels in the past and they work really well, but the texture is gag-o-rific. GU Chomps are really good but they aren’t as effective. And I know my marathon will have GU Gel water stops. So I’m debating mixing the two or just sucking it up and going with the gels. The peanut butter flavor is tolerable. And neither option messes with my stomach, which is a blessing. If anybody has any other suggestions I’d be willing to hear. Either way, I’ll need to make a purchase off of Amazon soon.

Other than that, things are going swimmingly. Graded all my editorials this weekend. That was time consuming, but it’s a relief to be done. The only thing that I haven’t been doing a lot of is taking pictures. Not enough hours in the day. There are never enough hours.

Ice and Trees

I Am
I Am

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