It’s Been Over a Month

How in the world did a month go by without me passing? Go figure. I haven’t missed posting for that long, in well, a long, long time. Hey, I’ve been really busy. And honestly, my focus is elsewhere.

I’ve been far too focused on my marathon training. When I started training my goal was to cut a lot of time off my regular pace. Well, with Illinois winters, running outside is not the most pleasant task. People actually do it. But I’m not one of those people. So, the treadmill has been my friend. And nemesis.

I’ve run a bunch of intervals, recovery runs and long runs on my treadmill. Saturdays have been anywhere from 10 milers to 16-plus mile runs. But it’s treadmill running and incline or no incline, it’s not road running. The last few weeks I’ve moved to the indoor track at my gym. I like this because I get to simulate the pounding of the road, but I’m running around in a circle. A lot. And it’s flat. No hills. No pain. No bueno.

Well, the weather is finally starting to warm up so today was my first outdoor run of the season. It was a road run, which I’m not a big fan of for safety reasons. And the sidewalks are still snow and ice-covered in many places. I don’t need to slip and fall ending my marathon training.

What I am seeing is improvement. Yesterday I ran 10K pace intervals and averaged a 8:56 pace. today I averaged a 8:46 pace for 4.57 miles. It was an easy run day. And Saturday I was at a 9:23 pace for over 10 miles. I’m anywhere from 25 seconds to almost a minute faster than my average pace. Now granted, I know i won’t be running a 8:56 pace for a marathon. I’m too big and gangly for that. But I’m improving, getting stronger and growing as a runner.

I could keep writing about all the things I’ve done in the last month but I’m not going to. Most of it isn’t all that interesting. But I have had a ton of fun. So we’ll see how long it will be until I post again. I’m thinking it will be sooner rather than later. I know I’ll post before my marathon and I’m less than two months away from that.





Until Next Time,