Land of Yawns

I forgot how much fun the first few days of school is. There is no sarcasm intended with that statement. It really is a lot of fun. But I’m also realizing I forgot how mentally demanding being “on” is every day. Well I didn’t really forget, but I did. Sleep comes very easily at night.
Otherwise, my timing seems to be fairly decent if today is any indication. I felt less rusty than I have in the past. That may be because I got less time off thanks to the Washington D.C. trip and curriculum planning. Then again, maybe it’s just my imagination. I will be glad to get a few weeks of teaching in so I can figure out pacing, timing and have a more definitive schedule for independent reading and groups. I really struggled with that aspect last year. Time will tell.

And on a side note, tonight is my 1,000th post. I’m floored. 1,000 posts. Who would have thunk it?
Storm Clouds Approaching
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