Interval City

I tried a new running workout tonight. I wanted to continue to dive deeper into HIIT, high intensity interval training. So I opened up with four full sprints at 45 seconds each. I went with a 15-30 second recovery time. After the four sprints, I ran a normal pace for 20 minutes. Then I finished the run with four more full-out 45-second sprints with 15 second recoveries. To cool down I jogged another 1/3 of a mile or so to cool down. All totaled, I put in about 4 miles in roughly 35 minutes.
I was pleasantly surprised with the run. More than anything, my recovery between intervals was really good. And for kicks and giggles, I took my blood pressure to see how ridiculously high it would be after my run. So about five or so minutes after my workout I hooked up the BP machine. My pulse was still pretty high at 95 bpm, but my blood pressure surprised me at 115/64. I expected a 140 plus reading.
I will definitely sleep well tonight. Got to get my rest because I have about 3 or so hours of meetings tomorrow. Heck, that’s been my week. Lots and lots of meetings. But they were really productive. I can’t always say that about meetings, especially those that I attended in my newspaper days. Those tended to be a giant waste of time and brain cells.
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Sweet Dreams

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