Wedding Weekend

Been down in Grafton, Illinois for a wedding for a daughter of my wife’s cousin. It was a really warm, enjoyable time. The reception was a lot different than any I’ve been to, mainly because of the venue. The reception was held in an old loading dock along the Mississippi River. But it’s been a long weekend of driving.

And thankfully, I’m back to the land of normal internet, thankfully, so I can actually post images.  I’m attempting to mess with posting the html files link from my Flickr account so I don’t have to spend money on extra space. I’ve seen a couple of limits with Flickr. Mainly if I use too large a resolution my pictures will become distorted. So I’ll be messing with the right file size to see what works and doesn’t work.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend, minus the driving. One more day of  relaxing before heading back to school and diving deeper into our curriculum.

Dancing the Night Away

Dancing the Night Away



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