All is Well

It’s been a long day. I’m pretty tired. But my dad’s surgery went well. Pacemaker is in place and they’ll be watching him closely tonight to make sure everything is good. Tomorrow they with take him in for a chest X-ray to make sure that the wires for the pacemaker remained in tact. If everything looks good with that and his lungs, he’ll be released at some point tomorrow. But he’s in good spirits. At one point my son and I think he said, “I’m higher than a popcorn fart. ” Either that or he not higher, but drier. Because he was thirsty. But he was also pretty loopy. Regardless, I’m not sure what a popcorn fart has to do with either of those things. But it was still pretty funny.

So thanks for the good thought and prayers. Keep them up for his recovery. I’m staying down here for the better part of the week to help with what ever needs to be done. Did a little grocery shopping with my son who has been absolutely fantastic with all of his help. Time to get some sleep pretty soon.

 Surgery Wait

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