Five More Wake Ups

We are at the time of the year where most teachers are desperately counting days for a much-needed break. I am probably more ready for a break this year than in any previous year. It’s been a really good year but very exhausting. So getting a little time to reenergize will be a welcome respite.
I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of rest and running in. I did manage to run four plus miles outside today which, after running on a treadmill for the last month, was a welcome break. It was also a lot tougher than a treadmill run. But between yesterday and today I’ve run about 12 miles. Starting sometime in January, I’ll begin to train more seriously for my April marathon. That will be a big challenge.
It’s hard to believe that we are basically 10 days away from Christmas. It feels nothing like the holidays especially with a 50 degree day in the middle of December. But Christmas will be here soon enough. Way too soon.
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