Late to the Party

I’m a bit out of touch. Especially as of late. School is keeping me pretty occupied, so staying in touch with the outside world can be challenging. Take The Fault in Our Stars. I absolutely love, love, love the book by John Green. But I never went to see the movie, much to my chagrin. I didn’t even have time to focus on when it might be coming out on DVD. Heck, I figured it might be in the next few months.

Imagine my surprise when I found out, from a former student, that TFIOS actually came out on DVD this week. Well, I really didn’t want to go on a Best Buy run, so I bought the extended version off of iTunes. And guess what I might be watching at this very moment?  TFIOS. Yep, you guessed right.

And on another note, I went to see the Maze Runner today with our eighth grade class. Of all the recent dystopian novels featuring teens in trouble that have been converted into movies, I have to say that this is probably the best book to movie dystopian novel conversion I have seen (haven’t seen The Giver). Hunger Games, hated it. Divergent, next. It actually made the Hunger Games movie look good. While the Maze Runner wasn’t true to the book, it was an incredibly entertaining watch, and didn’t stray too much what James Dashner wrote.

Gotta go so I can get back to my movie.

Late to the Party
Late To The Party

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